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1¡¢International Railway

International Railway Transportation We¡¯ve established good cooperation with Railway Freight Department and each station, we¡¯re a first class logistics company that registered in China Administration of Industry and Commerce, and have agents in Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing ...Click here for details

2¡¢Sea-railway combined transport

Sea-railway transit transport: containers from main ports of all over the world to lianyungang, entry and transit (change container or not change container) switch to railway transport, via china railway border ports (alataw pass, erenhot, manzhouli, etc.) ...Click here for details

3¡¢International sea freight

With a good relationship with various shipping lines, e.g. CSCL, COSCO, OOCL, TS-LINE, WHL, YML, MSK, NYK, EVERGREEN, K-LINE, ZIM etc., our services in Lianyungang cover all routings in the world, and especially good at Middle East, Europe, US, Japan, Korea...Click here for details

4¡¢Bulk cargo

Bulk cargo includes£º
1¡¢Bulldozer £¬road roller£¬grab£¬paver£¬fog seal£¬loader£¬ dumper£¬Concrete pump truck£¬oil tank truck.
2¡¢pipelayer£¬truck crane£¬semitrailer etc. ...Click here for details

5¡¢Project Logistics

Project Logistics includes the transportation services of huge size cargo e.g. break bulk, RORO ship and special cargo that shipped from China to Black sea, middle East, South America and Africa.
We have a professional Project Logistics management team, no matter how the cargo size is and where the destination is....Click here for details